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Now reading: Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver

After reading Delirium I got so excited by the ending that I started with Pandemonium right away.

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Now reading: Delirium by Lauren Oliver

I'm usually not into YA but I'll give this a chance. I'm still halfway and so far I find it engaging. I found it hard to keep myself interested in the beginning but it gets better eventually.

One comment though - it's almost too much like Hunger Games. But I'm not gonna judge until I finish reading.

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Mago Mago Arashi Rowing Club is the best Arashi TV episode(s) I've seen so far. You really get to see Arashi give their all and also how they overcome hardships. I've been an Arashi fan for a year and I've never felt more proud of Arashi until this episode.

Right now I'm still about to see the Training Camp part of the special and I'm so excited. I'm sure there will be great moments to see in the future episodes. Can't wait.

Screencaps from subbed videos courtesy of taijiproject.

Honey & Clover: Favorite Pairings

My favorite pairings (romantic and non-romantic) in Honey and Clover:

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Honey & Clover: Favorite Scenes/Lines

My favorite scenes in Honey and Clover by order of appearance.
Or more like my favorite YamadaxMayama-related scenes because it's bittersweet and angsty and I can relate and its my OTP.
I really love bittersweet scenes and angst, so beware.

[Spoiler (click to open)][Ep.2] Ayumi's official confession


[Ep.7] Morita and Ayumi talking about her feelings towards Mayama


[Ep.7] Ayumi hears Mayama's declaration of love


[Ep.10~11] Nomiya comforts Ayumi


[Ep.11] Ayumi tells Nomiya she couldn't forget Mayama


1. The First Meeting

I think this is the most original first meeting for all romance movies. Ordinary day, first day of school but the scenario they were put in was truly unique. A girl trying to cross the street and a boy telling her she won't be able to cross. Also, Miyazaki Aoi makes a really quirky, weird, but endearing Shizuru. Even the way she rubs her nose with the back of her hand is so cute I just want to cuddle her. And Tamaki is Tamaki - awesome as always.

001002003004 005

2. This Conversation

Shizuru: I'm going to become an adult woman, wear a really revealing dress and get into a sexy pose right in front of you! When I take my glasses off, is when you will be truly astonished! Got it?
Makoto: I wonder if it will be.

Me: Oh, yes Makoto. It is possible. Just wait.

I love how Shizuru was able to really make this happen. Even if it's just a photo. :'(

Adult woman
Revealing dress
Sexy pose (I think this is sexy enough)


3. Jealous/Possessive Shizuru

I am a possessive person. Okay, so I'm putting it out there. That's probably the reason why I love these moments very much. I'm not as cute as Shizuru but I know exactly how it feels. Oh I know how bad it feels to think how there's a special place or thing or time for you and another effin' person and then one day have him bring along some other person and the three of you need to share this special something. No, I'm sorry but I'm not going to keep my calm. I'm going to fight and shove and punch and claw and grab.



4. The Kiss

There were a couple of moments where kissing was mentioned before it really happened and so there was some build up, some excitement for that scene. And the kissing scene didn't disappoint. It was nothing short of magical. The setting was magical as well. And it was under the pretense of completing an entry for a photography contest with a "Lovers" theme ehem, ehem. It was cute, really.



 ~"The only kiss in my lifetime, the one and only love I ever had."

~"Farewell always arrive before the realization of our feelings."

Miura Haruma, you sexy human being

I came across these pictures on tumblr.

This will make your panties drop.Collapse )

Miura Haruma, what are you doing??!!

I'm used to the cute and lovable Miura Haruma, not this sexy beast. Not that I'm complaining. I'm just shocked. I didn't expect him to take on such a daring role.

I guess he's not really a human being, he's a god. And a really sexy one at that.

How I Met MatsuJun ♥

Ok, so you should know that one of my first J-person crushes is Yamapi. (Refer to this post.)

And since I'm a completist, I tried to watch every show that Yamapi has appeared in - dramas, CMs, tv shows, pvs, EVERYTHING! And then I happened to watch VS Arashi where Yamapi and his other costars in Code Blue guested.

In that episode, Yamapi played Falling Pipe against Matsujun (Yamapi was the one to catch the pipes and Matsujun was the one to choose the numbers). And this is the face that left a mark on me:


That amused face is what brought me to Arashi. I guess I'm Jun-baited like most of the people in the Arashi fandom. But I met him in a different place (or show). ♥

Daisuki da yo, Matsujun!

Hana Yori Dango 2 (ep 9)

This episode is just full of creys. T___T
I just can't.

It was so gloomy.




And so wet and sad.



ahhhh creys T_T

But so infuriating at the same time. Just when I thought that their relationship was getting somewhere. Ughhh! I love the angst and the wet and crying Domyouji but I also want the lovey-dovey Domyouji and Makino. Pleassssse. It's like taking two steps forward and then taking one step back. Pleassssse. Just leave them be.

Fangirl Thoughts: Arashi

So I just recently discovered Arashi (I know I'm so late). And I found this really huge Arashi community with so much stuff to watch.

There's a lot of TV shows with so many episodes (and they are subbed)! I'm so overwhelmed. I didn't know Arashi is this big.

I want to thank each person sharing and subbing these videos I'm watching right now. I have downloaded 15 episodes of HnA and each episode makes me so happy. Looking forward to seeing more episodes. ♥